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Grant Morgan


About Grant

Grant is a seasoned commercial attorney with an impressive track record of 15 years in the field. His expertise encompasses guiding clients through critical stages such as incorporation, investment rounds, and exit transactions. With a unique blend of legal proficiency and entrepreneurial insight, Grant founded and successfully scaled a legal practice. He is driven by a passion for crafting strategic frameworks that transform visions into tangible realities. Grant’s focus on optimising shareholder value and empowering management teams underscores his commitment to facilitating positive impacts within organisations.

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Ryan Merrifield


About Ryan

Ryan is a director at Morgan Law. Throughout his tenure, Ryan has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in commercial litigation, delivering successful outcomes across diverse industries. His litigation prowess spans vital sectors, including petroleum products, sponsorship and endorsements, banking and finance, mining, tobacco, agriculture, specialised vehicle manufacturing, property, logistics and transport, hospitality, professional services, rail, and politics, among others.

Beyond commercial litigation, Ryan offers invaluable guidance to clients navigating intricate challenges such as insolvency, property, family law, and commercial criminal matters.

Ryan’s multifaceted expertise and unwavering dedication make him an invaluable asset to our firm and clients, embodying Morgan Law’s commitment to excellence in legal representation.

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Angela Merrifield


About Angela

Angela is an admitted attorney fuelled by a passion for helping individuals and businesses navigate legal complexities. She is equally adept at providing compassionate and insightful support on sensitive family matters such as divorce proceedings and parenting plans.  Combining a solid foundation in business law (BCom Law) with legal expertise (LLB), she excels in general and commercial litigation, guiding clients through breach of contract disputes, shareholder disagreements, and property issues.

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Alon Katz


About Alon

Alon, a candidate attorney since 2022, enriches our team with a diverse skill set. His tenure at Morgan Law has afforded him invaluable exposure to commercial law, litigation, sports law, and collections. Particularly passionate about commercial law and adept at drafting, Alon obtained his LLB degree from Unisa in 2021.

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Glynis Merrifield


About Glynis

Glynis became an integral part of the Morgan Law team when she joined the firm in October 2019. She is a critical support to our directors and the entire team as a personal assistant. With meticulous attention to detail, Glynis ensures the seamless functioning of daily operations, enabling the leadership and staff to focus on delivering exceptional service to our clients.

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 Mbali Khumalo 


About Mbali

Mbali became an essential part of our team in 2020, assuming the role of administrative assistant. With her proactive approach, she ensures the smooth operation of daily tasks. Mbali’s dedication and efficiency contribute significantly to the office’s functionality and overall success.

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Brigette Kirtley


About Brigette

Brigette, a paralegal since 2017, plays a pivotal role at our firm. With precision and dedication, she supports our legal team in various capacities. Her expertise ensures streamlined operations, aiding in research, documentation, and client interactions. Brigette’s contributions exemplify our commitment to excellence in legal service delivery.

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Nana Mlangeni


About Nana

Nana has been a dedicated paralegal at Morgan Law Inc. since joining the firm in 2019. With a wealth of experience in legal collection, administration, and litigation, she plays a crucial role in supporting our legal team. Nana holds a diploma in paralegal studies from Tshwane University of Technology (2012) and is furthering her studies at the University of South Africa.

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Sidalia Monsanto


About Sidalia

Sidalia’s tenure at Morgan Law commenced in 2020, where she serves as a proficient paralegal. Her commitment to researching and collecting information for our cases ensures a seamless workflow. Sidalia’s expertise and commitment exemplify our pursuit of excellence in legal service delivery.

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